The Concrete Jungle

The Angel Sun warns of Spring
fresh hairs of growth
returning birds
early blossom to gardens
in dire need of flowering blossoms

Eager for reentry into college
dreams of school
they asked "What religion are you?"

I said "All of them."
laughing inside
at the puzzlement
on their faces

She asked me what happened out there-

I said I've seen it different

I've stayed among people
who run naked all day
work or play
& celebrate nights
in a sweat lodge
by the moon sautéed River

I've seen the Angel sun
deep rim the wide Pacific
dead red crash & burn horizon view

I watched Yellowstone River fall
from towering heights
sacrificing itself into a spectrum
of rainbow hues dashing & smoothing
ancient moss caked rocks
in wait far below

I've lived in Jackson Hole
where the Snake River
scissors past the dormant pose
of Sleeping Indian
portrait carved mountain cliffs
sharp wind raw reserves
hailed as national treasure

I've done ceremony
where the Redwoods stand old & glorious
dwarfing ancient forests
steamy in spider morning dew

I've dug quartz crystals
from Mount Ida in Arkansas
where the land is thickly laden with fine veins
of scattered points
everywhere clusters so giving of themselves

I've been to the northern rim
looked out over the edge of a deep canyon abyss
where labyrinth mountains
wall in a slithering sliver
of ribbon river still cutting away
deep terraces puzzled over jigsaw chasms

They'll never know
what they had to give
for education

Book angled views
opinions formed from words
other than their own

Where are the new prophets
to forecast the next legacy of this tale

Find out then compare
words with others
sharing their own

In youthful innocence
we conquered mountains
climbing the highest trees

Immortal we pushed
into frontiers anew
eager for the unfound fruits of life

Now words & film define our lives
being all we see
losing ourselves in false worlds
reality can this be

Praise the Most High
that I know different & better

I'll play this role
pass this dream smiling
praising all reward


For Zeyla Now 7 Months Broken

Raven night alone with laptop
Fiona whispers 'Sullen Girl'

Traffic slow in passing
I stare into screen mesmerized
romancing thoughts of Zeyla
7 months broken

Spider scaling a mountain wall
supports failed and
she plummeted 30 feet
smashing her back at T-7

I met her
at Lakewood Amphitheatre
during the Rage/Wu-Tang Show
southeast of ATL

Weeks earlier she had written to me
appealing empathy
having seen me on the cover
of Spinal Column magazine

I wrote her back
with words of encouragement
sending her 'When The Evening Dies'
for persuasive inspiration

Kindred occasion brought us together
hair thin black & flowing
20 years old and beautiful

Zeyla wheels beside me
in subtle Quickie grace
measuring her strokes
with still awkward precision

I watch her entertained
by the new inspiration
she brings my life

Chilling time spring days together
she would transfer into my lap
tilting my chair back
we would share kisses and conversation

Wherever we go
we roll with confidence
turning heads with no thought of concern

Funny the looks people send
inescapable attention wheelchair appeal
they will look
without doubt some will stare

She is learning
ignoring the smirks
settling into space and situation
getting used to the idea of always being
center attraction

Time will teach her to adjust
find serenity in her still new awkward situation

Me I'm here enjoying the ride
regardless what they say



The contingent would have us believe
it's the best it's ever been
that our economy is getting stronger
and the market indices will rise forever
increasing wage

It doesn't matter that the children
flower in ghetto violence
taxed by drugs and disease
toting pistols for privilege and revenge

I weep with the young ones
still not registering effect
ghosts of bullet punctured lives
parents confused in candor
for children lost
stolen from world

Ask the Columbine mothers
families enduring loss
peers whose friends were killed
by incomprehensible callous crime
if things are just peachy

They'll tell you different


Boxed Paradise

They live side by side
in $350,000 homes
built on 1/2 acre lots
with neighbors on all sides

Witness to each other's
successful extravagance
competing credit debt
alarms keep accumulated property secure
while dogs guard perimeter against intrusion

Asphalt streets allow easy patrol
of gated communities
locked in secure proximity

I applaud your freedom
to own only what you can hold
and just go


The Contingent

Our child rearing ways are dangerous
and it has been proven amongst our teens

"Bowling For Columbine"
is an interesting synopsis
of current societal condition
cultural fascination with guns
and mounting murder rate

We can no longer pacify child curiosity
with Playstation and violent TV

Our network outpouring
is breeding little soldiers
who have no conscious sanctity for life

The Native Americans watched children in play
saw how natural inclination lead interest
then encouraged curiosity to future occupation

We nurture children
with odd TV programming
depictions of violence and horrific murder
calling it entertainment for the masses

If we are to learn to embrace peace
with each other and ourselves
peace is what must be seen known felt
glorified by what we see everyday
depicted by movies network and news crews

Stories of good will
service to one another
caring empathy for family friends creatures
inhabitants' elements of Earth
and Earth herself

We can achieve what we so willfully desire
why not desire peace

The system proposes
slave only to be normal
never question authority
or challenge the way things are

1 percent are leaders
you are not part of that elite
just succumb to set policy
cattle through life following direction

It was set up this way for you
to save you the trouble
of having to think on it too hard

They say - trust us
you'll love the way it is
all of this is for you
because we love you
and want you to work hard
so you can enjoy some of what we have later
when you're old enough
and worn out enough to retire


Internet World

Never have we as a world culture
had access to the same information
and in identical universal way

Computers have erased
the prejudice of difference
surpassing boundaries borders
bringing accumulated knowledge
safeguarded tribal wisdom
to all people
granting access to all worlds
no matter skin color race gender or disability

From any corner anywhere
any individual understanding
the rituals of the Net
can log on to its grand transformational experience
and make it their own

All situations can be explored
all knowledge art music media sought out
and introspected in ways
unthinkable until now

One can assume anonymity
absolve bodily identity enter space secretly
connect to chance encounter circumstance
with others in similar pursuit

One world intricately bound
we are


Silk Embrace

Last days light cracking worlds
windy breeze blown day fading darkness
stubborn stars appear
to cast night in new mystery

We sat intrigued utterly bewildered
awestruck by the magnitude of beauty
available in a moments prestige

Radiant Venus
diamond light beautiful watching
my involvement in world

Some of my friends are locked away
incarcerated by misfortune/institutional setting
surveying Wheel of Fortune
over minimal substance dinners
and 12 ounce cans of Coke

I am lucky to be on the out
kissing the girl with carnival eyes
copulating words and interest
giving to what beckons
moments of summer love

No television could ever grant
the charity of her silk embrace

They deserve this
this all that I am



I never offered you word of this
when you were here
jewelling my horizon

Aftershock of spinal cord injury
severe pain mixed with non-feeling

Gathering what was left of the unbroken
I didn't understand your incorporation
into my life at that time

Foolish I asserted to not allow sympathy
to enflame your passion
pity I prescribed must not be excuse

Responding in shambles clouded indifference
await the right one they say
dressed in deja-vu smile
and coincidental sign

I chose to let you escape
wanting to watch you fly
rather than bar your freedom

By the time I realized good fortune
fate had prescribed you to another
who were we to upset
challenge then

It was only later that I fancied your smile
time we spent amusing our presence together

The last time I spoke with you
you said you missed my slap happy ass
laughter we shared
in response to situation

You were different with me
we both knew
and though I didn't relieve your eyes
of what they had hoped
that was then these words for now
and though you may never see them
at least I feel better

Significance of Babel

Separation still curses our intent
do you not remember
the detail of those years
past lives bringing it to this

History fails in mention
what soul has seen

With but narrative
I could smite your confusion
clothe you in knowing
unveil the pretense parading as reality

Comprehension available only to them ready
you'd never believe me though
how far-out legends reveal

Reason fails to enrapture
not my job to convert
hint only
to those having set sail
mark direction for them
seeking passage beyond
to often bizarre realm

Most are afraid of unknown depths
skirting shores
thinking world flat

I'm with the island girls
in celebration of new religion

Nobody led me
or said this way
I sailed alone on makeshift raft
with wind as companion
fate for deliverance
confidence enough to assess
new disposition

Do not forget
the myth of our coming
soon we will praise heroes
of stranger tales
than even my own


This Way to Paradise

Watch where it is you wander friend
the dark night has strange requiem

Mythic acclaim promises new season
for those blessed to interpret meaning

Recognition dawns the eye
never any coincidental meeting

Come I await you
this way to paradise


Reluctant Father

Nothing can ever reclaim
memories forever lost in passing
distant from recollection

No amount of words
no matter how earnest
can ever restore actions left undone
words left unsaid

I was too young to understand
the beautiful miracle initiating birth
of wet new soul
return to awkward world view

Selfish leisure lead me
to decision I felt correct at time
in moments that I made them

Only later did certain regret set in
realizing the consequence of past decision
I was left in futile mood vacant
with uncharacteristic need to be fulfilled

Thank God Stacy was so strong
in her fervor to make it
caring for you with odds hugely
stacked against her

Poems I've written
during the course of my wandering
compare nothing to her kind mothering
and parenting example
I won't try to justify distance
circumstances leading it to this
or claim further declarations
on what was what might have been

I write this now to somehow ease situation
ask you with so many people in your life
who care for you worry about you
wish the best for you

Do you need me
feel a hollowness like me
want to know what I do
what I am about
and where you come from

Do you want me to be
a part of who you are
and will be in future relating

You will soon be a man
separating self defining individuality

I haven't been there
for one reason or another
to guide your struggle
give answer to questions you may have

I'm so willing if you will allow me
if your family will allow me
to help and assist you
in any pursuit interest you may have

Perhaps one day soon we may share
meal and conversation
amuse strange avenues
life has imparted

In you is the future
of my every tomorrow
the blessing and answers
our world so desperately needs

Son you are the answer to questions
the universe has yet to ask
and it is
just a matter of time
until you unveil your genius


Enchanted Twilight

Rapturous morning movement born again
butterflies flay clumsily toward
the parade of ghost cars
darting by in rapid fashion

Wuuussssshhh penetrating
sheet-rock walls to thin to dim
I'm in bed now
squashed by laptop & paralysis
deciding poem
chasing elusive thought
until it leaves me defeated
with only sunrise
as comfort for opinion

Life cycles I watch it's unfolding
plotting goals and dreams
blessed with a Waiver
that allows me freedom to choose
spatial unfolding

It will be warm & beautiful today
the calm will break
gathering populace for breakfast
the freeways will crawl with steel
people head for work & school
dogwoods unfolding secret petals
to sunny rays
another moment of blessed assembly


The Last Rose Of Summer

I glanced her coming
specter nonchalant along my path
ghost moonlight silhouette of faded trees

Fazing my world with her chill intrigue
she said her name was Karena
'she who brings the rain with gentle wind'

I am here she said to reinterpret
the multitude of signs
for them going further

To me she offered her gifts
unquestioning I gladly received them

Years ago and still shaken
a seraph from all I could tell
her salutation
my welcomed reception of paradise

Displaced by encounter
gone with morning star and inkling dream
no trace of her being near

I was left with that disconcerting feeling
that something was amiss
to previous pondering

Never again witness
to the frailty of her touch
the arc of her waist
gemstone eyes or ocean smile
My voice never conferred
the scope of this lexis
carefully lain to page
in her honor

Hazy on the details
all I know is we were alone
with nothing but black night
checkered stars
and moonlit intention

The smell of her gathered
leading me through
idle wind
and threat of morning