Kings Owning All Pleasure

They'll try at all cost
to make you guilty for all you do

Sin they say is original condition
and all that feels good wrong

I don't care about their definition
they have no experience
no truth to placate assessment
of mystery

All they have are words
not even their own

Let them figure it out
in meantime I'll live as a king
owning all pleasure


Artistic Endeavor

She would hold me when she could
focus distracted I had my art
my words

Self contained
she couldn't understand
life was all I needed

I shared what I could
it wasn't enough
and I knew

It's always that way
my coming and going
muse lead

Steady whispers taunt of freedom
and me
I am always readily persuaded

I hope she is nowhere suffering tears
beating herself up over
what may have gone wrong

Some are appeased only
by the blackest silence of night
solitude of artistic endeavor

Beg of No Tomorrow

Love me today
if you wish
or abscond for another

I promise you
only this moment
no treasures I have in store

Gauche as it seems
no erection lasts forever


Shannanda Moonspiral

fly ass
with unsettling
eyes and carefree
didn't notice
me at first
and I
didn't care
I drank
of her beauty
it for


Voice Of Inspiration

Quell the voice of inspiration
what do you mean
you want to be an artist-
you're going to school
to be a doctor or lawyer
earn money to pay your own bills

So says the contingent proclaiming wage
the most important task
of life accomplishment

Must develop skill worthy of profit
food drink clothing jewelry
car house spouse
everything depends on success
and success depends on how much money
one look like one had

Most neither rich nor good looking
credit cards allow one to extend charade
expand capacity for moments of celebration
in smoke filled bars
with others drinking wage hard earned
also hoping for respite in another's company

I did it different doing what I loved
without regard to money

Poems were my resolve
allowing me to seduce meaning
into awkward situations
fill time with thoughtful undertaking
Why chance encounter
when one could plot conquest
she was mine
if I could extract the right words
and I knew

Years passed
without debt I have my freedom
watching others like dream
come and go

Some would never realize
until too late

I write now for me alone
must give heed
to that voice inside
that feeling no other can fulfill


Cathedral Grove

Red moon glow
words soft remedy
for occasion

She seeks me for rendezvous
among stone carved relic
walking hallowed ground
in keen soft step

Crosses huge ornate
decorate space in lost garden appeal

I watch her
unannounced for pleasure
if only to see
the slow century
of her grace unfolding



My son now 6
me in miniature form
worlds different
we are the same

If I would have stayed
to watch him grow
how different would he be
Would I know the things I know
would I see the things I see

He sits in my lap
driving my electric chair
to glancing eyes

Setting up his army men
he hands me the dice
to throw and knock them down
instead I roll
he loses six men

Monopoly monster
he plays all sides
but of course he always wins

He doesn't understand
the implications of my injury
or think me broken at all
I still beat him at Nintendo
& he likes the way I draw

He says you walk
Let me ride

A model now
paid to decorate pages
He'll fly to a New York
to pose for school boy ads

Summer in the big city
freedom for his mom
He'll wonder one day
about words woven
into the tapestry of my poems
articles I've so patiently written

He prays at night
before fading to dreams
wishing I could walk
so he can have
my electric chair

One day he'll reach a point
where he will challenge
the dreams & pointless goals
of children more lost than he

From my great grandfather to me
they will go to him
& make him wonder

Wondering he will come to me
with questions
he does not yet remember

I'll be here to explain
the passions of my soul
things that go unknown
for they will be unable
to answer or understand
his special difference


Not All Are Forsaken

Night elongates
asking me to its quiet
I am a breath away and waiting

She does not notice me
in still posture
quietly undone

I see her nervousness
fear of being swallowed
by shadows and darkness

I yell my voice beacons her way
some hear me some don't
I gesture when inclined

She reached me with kiss
stars riddling night
not all are lost in orbit


Thoughts Upon Waking

The wild innocence sprung from your eyes
was just enough to mesmerize
those who dare to look
a chance I took though I understood
things were not great but were looking good
and you thought I was kidding
with the look that I gave
but I told you in gesture all I needed to say

Her hair shutters soft wind
eyes darkest brown
She moves like a phantom whisper
slow gesture little sound
Soliloquy wind lullaby
full moon on the rise
Words never spoken
revealed in smiling eyes
Wafting mountain breeze
glazing lengths of silky hair
As gentle as her feather voice
parting the winter air
Wide expanding clouds recede
as another sunset dies away
I'm sure that I can satisfy
her mood in every way


Lake Vista, Warner Robbins, Georgia

Early morning silence ripped
by phantom jets on occasional flight
how sumptuous life is
in those raw wilderness moments
of concentrated thought

Cats cradle my dormant legs
Fluffy Thumper Cheyenne
puddle against one another
Brenda arrives
they attack feet begging new meal

7:30 begin done by 9
stretches range of motion
long heated shower
followed by ritual massage

Senior year early classical poetry class
last quarter 1999 at Mercer U

I exit my apartment
cross the street to the pier
morning rushing
sun climbing still
clouds loosely gathered
gawky geese fly in large V fellowship
honking to announce arrival

Families of mallards and white ducks
shake and dunk morning baths
with tennis ball children
dressed in fresh feathers

All harmonious quiet
children leaving
parents having gone to work

This is my church
world my altar
words my prayer
opportunity to say
thank you Great Spirit
for even these moments now



Did you see her
the girl with the swallow hair
feathered back in breezy lengths

She had that creamy walk
that just begged you for display

Visually stunning
I would pass her by anytime
for the one authentic in thought
and deeper relating

All my life I have escorted strange vixens
to carnality and pleasure
hoping one day to meet the one
who would understand
the mad ravings of my tongue

Wonder if that was her?


Not Dead Yet

Among you for short time
settled in this curious role
Machavellic performance
Shakespearean style

Watch me pass this life
in grand theatrics
touching every diamond star twinkling
celestial night sky

Life weird beyond words
scenes I enter now
political forums
a room of pressed suits
television cameras
people of persuasion
able to impact laws
unjustly set

I want change
more than that I want justice
I see need in the suffered eye
of ravaged souls once
myself needing aid

Service dharma
I want to help
brothers & sisters
who like me
were once shattered
beyond description
who now face unbelievable circumstance
Utmost compassion
I wish them strength
in their time of need
because I know
their unbelievable pain
the space they experience now

And if I can work
to ease their struggle
even for single moment
then I will fight
for opportunity
to bring light to their lives

Remembrance of my own shadowing
mother wailing tears
father choking them back
trying to be strong but obviously crushed
unable to gaze into my eyes
hollow and withdrawn

Nervous desperation
death trying to steal me away

Their only child
I river tears now
& it feels good
because those days are gone
& I made it through

Now I must help
as we all must help
for the time that I am here

I must do something
to ease someone's pain
& make sure
no one has to go through
the hell I went through
to get to where I am

Praise the Spirit
that brought me this far


Think For Yourself Tour
Winter 1997 DC

Colors stagnate withered
by brisk ghetto wind
crisp late October cool
as morning shades stiff in retreating

Burned-out winter sun
late rising
grants little heat leaving world
in artic still

Neck taut
500 hundred gathered
from myriad directions
to form single unit
and make this dream happen
guided by leaders honed in skill
years of protest
and hundreds of civil actions

It is important that we
inform you of our wishes
ensure focus upon cause worthy of investigation

If need be
we will risk jail
health illness injury
death even to achieve
freedom for ourselves
and countless others who have no choice
no right to even know
that others care they are suffering
Politics won't do anything
until we push them to proceed
it's not their life at stake yet

It's taken years of work
to get MiCASA this far
so many heroes lost
but not forgotten

Certainly some sort of change
will soon yet prevail
this ADAPT guarantees

II. Bust on Bilirakis

Target Bilirakis
head of the environmental/health subcommittee
where MiCASA stagnates stifled in paperwork
awaiting consideration
stumped by congressional nonchalance
bureaucratic red-tape
and lobbyist pay-off

Our friends are dying
as they claim budget lack
when wasting more money
than the cost of freedom

We want a date for introduction
promise of action now
we told you our homes
or your offices
& we meant it

Break past security
swift invasion forcing opportunity
we charged in streaming down
Rayburn passenger corridors
smiling at the people wondering
what was going on

We were in before they knew what was up
& by then it was way late

It's silly the way they try to hold out
making bullshit promises like this
is some amateur organization
Like we'll just leave
we posted siege
laying up hallway space
for 5 hours through 5 drafts of promises
until demands were sufficiently met
giving media time to cop their story

They'd never seen anything like it
immune hidden away from it all
in a DC building on a DC street
protected by distance & current legislation

ADAPT will never willingly allow our country
to perpetuate nursing home bias
and domestic holocaust

So we came massive in proportions
blitzkrieg style
to effect change
and make it known
institutional bias has not will not
nor ever could serve the freewill
of the people


III. Concluding Requiem

Fierce in confidence
willing to do what it takes
we gave strong presence
while still allowing free access
to labyrinth passages
so they could draft their proposals
& do our work

We were creating lasting memory
sharing older war stories
with newer soldiers
embedding impression
imprinting lives momentarily touched
but permanently tattooed

They'll never forget us
or what we did here today
having learned and sided with our cause

Finally in written terms
letterhead reply
-MiCASA would go before subcommittee
March first quarter of 98

We had our date
mission accomplished
we filtered out
ecstatic over accomplishment
knowing we were heading
in right direction

IV. Shakedown at the CBO

Next point of attack
the Congressional Budget Office
overseers of National fundage
& first step of a bill's chance of approval

Always sneak attack
special forces style
20 penetrated far corridors
of endless halls

Chancing intervention
they took Oneill's office
the rest of us held mass protest
throughout the rest of the building
handcuffing chairs to location
blocking elevators entrances exits

"We're ADAPT your trapped get used to it"

"Just like a nursing home you can't get out"

Sounds of justice now the waiting begins
sheer numbers effect legislation
when nothing else can

The CBO says its to expensive
to pass MiCASA
that it has no plausible chance
anytime in near future
of becoming a real bill

Well that's unacceptable
and we want resolution
demand it or we don't leave

Give us signed promise
to look it over again
with us in house
to assure quality focus

Want to know what we need ask us

Hours passed until they
emerged from cubbyhole offices
with words to appease our passion
like Billirakis they would meet
with members of the leadership posse
to reassess current points of view

Letterhead proclamation
a tall bush headed women
with strong resonating voice
announced their defeat
with official declaration

Cheers resonated throughout the building
shouts of triumph
claps of joy spread news of victory
ending in meeting the following Wednesday

In & Out smooth flowing
clockwork style
"The people united
will never be defeated!"

No blood spilled soldiers lost
no families to suffer

We went home with that feeling
of doing undeniable good
for those forgotten and unspoken for

Streaming out
heading home for post feast strategy
night was for celebration
T-shirt sales friends and laughter
time to hang out
converse over a few beers
before drowning in sleep
night metamorphosis
healing to do it all again