Austin, Texas Summer Nationals

Its been four days of steady doing
schedule dictating that I
would spend the past three days
weaving in and out of airports
merging together a reality
that included Austin Summer Nationals
and twelve days in Freeport
with a posse of friends
more like extended family

I have progressed a great deal
dueling moments with team
highly skilled in ways of the sword

Accomplished athletes dedicated
to medals and goal
of representing country in Paralympic games

I am lucky to have access
dueling combat opportunity
with such an awesome assortment
of truly talented warriors

Nothing like sport or cause
to unify individuals
of vast background
into shared occasion

In fencing we come together
in a dialogue of swords
recognizing kindred situation
uniting us in moment


Aimless Blue Sky

Cumulus clouds wander aimless blue sky
charting direction piloting ocean blue
escorted by grand sun seated high on throne

Mango and coconut decorate native trees
easy meal for taking
hibiscus bushes vast in bloom
extend flowers everywhere
ornamenting space
in lost Eden appeal

The weather near eighty degrees year round
supports island lizards with hooked tails
darting from shade to shade
beneath the protruding undergrowth
of shabby limbed hedge

The same implications so eloquently inferred
by Bob Marley in "Crazy Bald Heads"
and "Them Belly Full But We Hungry"
applies to the Bahamas as well

Selective slavery still exists on mass scale
catering to influx of vacationing tourists
furthering reach of colonial conquest

The World Trade Organization
established a Global 'free'-market system
which offers money to those
willing to rape Earth of commodity

It's all just a ploy to support
corporate monologue
protection of territory and interests

Money rules intention idol God
people will turn on
friends family loved ones
just to climb the 'well to do' ladder

Souls sold reaching top
hungry to acquire new items
'necessary' for living
people have all but forgotten life
before modern convenience

The sun rises in slow presentation
clouds push wave and wind
quietly nature redeems abandoned buildings
reclaiming glory in erosive harmony

Everything given so freely
always is
delivered into her grasp again


Paradise Isle

The islands have always eluded me
Ocean mother ancient emerald friend
aquatic gardens a womb of leisure

Paradise coves lined in drift sands
surround island morsel
depths hide untold myths
the rise and fall of civilizations peoples
history billions of legends long

Atlantis is rumored
between Bimini and Cuba
a lingering vortex
vestige of failed merkaba
13,000 years ago in resulting destruction

The crush blue covers
monumental temples
and an unrequited story
of illusive past

Waves sparkle diamond crest
jeweled moon as consort
reflects sun
ancient witness to a history of deluge
and polarity reversal

Remnants of immortality
we are particles of a forgotten past
souls condensed falling freeform
like raindrops attesting life's duality

In lesson with others seeking reprieve
descending mountains chasing rivers
crashing dam for release

We are eager to do
what natural mystic intends

They can't keep us caged any longer
rainbows mark our fall
auroras crawl sky
a hint to others
never forget it was all fated
the story of our coming
signs of quickening
drops leading to paradise ocean
sooner or later

Glitter Stars Casting Night

Glitter stars height of night
I write because it feels right
you're nowhere to be seen

Words fill feeling with meaning
memories appealing
drift and abound

I failed you the love we'd found
lost in the crowd
of you approaching near

From nowhere
your visage appeared and I gasp
smiling with ghost laugh
as I'd engage you in conversation
declarations of how you made me reel
feel both shy and alive

Lips given to teasing one another
lovers we needed no other
to grace each flutter of provision

A decision I always knew
look forward to
and was sure to let you know
maybe a little too much so

It was hard to let you go
needing a kiss before you went away
then driving myself crazy for days
trying to keep all this love in
Like sin when you must confess
or butterflies before a test
you made me high
touching me so deeply
I didn't know why
it was sort of creepy
how affected I was
by your presence in my life

And even though I wanted
to make you my wife
it was either lose myself and stay
or elect to walk away

And I did though
I could never deny
your soft reply or words you'd say
feel of soft sky when we play
gentle love made our way
and the eventual fall
to Earth again


Chosen Hero Role

Those who have carried vision
from untold worlds
through stranger space than words
can allow to tell

Call for healing
filling moment with meaning
sending vibration to trigger
change for self and globe

There are many now
who understand things once unspeakable
able to anchor in new direction
while giving reflection
to the renewed interest
in higher aspects of consciousness

We are close new sign enters our spheres
final 9 years of Mayan Codex
Aquarius and beginning of next
25,870 year cycle

Our grand sun triggered a brilliant firestorm
auroras haunt skies in warm visceral hue
faster vibrations influx new gifts
for those who are able to handle
an intensely transmutable experience

Some things are not yet meant to be shared
even willingness does not denote
one ready to comprehend meaning
leading it to this
Many are plunging into awaiting abyss
honoring obligation to chosen hero role
claiming themselves as living legend
that will someday be lost mythology

Forever will we play dancing through eternity
with friends & fortune
teaching each other one another
about what's to come
but more importantly what is

I am rambling making sense to me
are you lost in my words-
Do you not see
the sparkle of realization
memory too that indwells
the far corridors
of your own souls knowing

Think me crazy but these words
are for those them that know
who feel beyond doubt of what I speak

Come with me
I will light our attachment to each other
measure our similarities
rather than focus on difference

Truth imbues soul
knowing is always available
unnecessary to hermit
ice topped snow capped mountains
meditate frigid waterfalls in searching Nirvana


Lightning That Thunders Storm

I am that lightning that thunders storm
I am Omega before Alpha born
I am the serpent swallowing tail
I am promise prophesizing no fail

I am the trees birds and breeze
I am the weather that does what it please
I am the night that comforts day
I am dreams inviting souls to play

I am the mystery holding all at once
I am calendar with thirteen moon months
I am the fairy that beckons your call
I am the spark that ties you to all

I am the orbits guiding ellipse
I am the moon/sun in perfect eclipse
I am the mirror reflecting guise
I am the spark seen in smiling eyes

I am the comet wandering wide space
I am the challenge testing our race
I am the shadow that follows our sun
I am the duality that says we are all one

I am is was will ever be
I am then now all eternity
I am you and you are me
Together we make up the greatest mystery


Clouds Obscuring Sun

You never know people
until you spend
extended durations of time
being witness
to their routine quirks and behaviors

People can rally up a game face
to play certain role
but eventually
masks come down
and what was covered
with ornamentation
is no longer veiled by disguise

What is revealed is sometimes
only lies

clouds obscuring sun


I Have Come In Defense Of My Mother

I have come in defense of my mother
to honor the life she has given me
Where are my other brothers
to aid in protecting thee?

She bleeds freely wounded by hate
where are they she has loved?
Where are those who can appreciate
for them all that she has done?

I can't watch her cry
and not be affected by her pain
I must take stand by her side
for I she'd do the same

I have come in defense of my mother
I can't let you pollute her sacred ground
Lo, when I heard it was you my brother
I thought them joking around

The Days Between

The sun will disappear in 30
night acquaint encroaching skies

I came to this place to honor
chill moments with her
somewhere out there also stargazing
her own memories of our parting

I see her coming even now
riding moonbeams in hippy grace

Somewhere she watches evening for inspiration
seeing me in crystal ball
forging words on her behalf

Before incarnating we promised
at all costs to find each other
fate we said would guide
our parting heaven's throne

Holding onto memories as conscious faded
birth strange armor of soul
callous veil of forgetting
For 30 years I wandered
a gypsy scribe
loose upon garden paradise
shaking off the spell of new cycle

Entrenched in confused scenario Babylon tyranny
doctrine of law regulated
by souls more lost than me
It was 10 years ago
I woke to full remembrance
seeking her ever since

Long have I carried
the secret of ancient metaphor
longing for the leisure
of her gentle spaces

I am watching even now
unfolding paths awaiting
the reward of her eyes

Completion for no other but me
it has been what seems lifetimes
since I've tasted her in form
soul-mate the link
to accomplish me further
than the lone seeker is allowed to go alone
I see her parting trail
lighting incense in her prayerful way
new cycle beginning
moments ripe for her return

Soon all things revealed to knowing
she will remember too in time
if not already

Greater destiny mixing lives
and the design of fortune
another sunset claimed by distant trees
tear sheathed in longing

Somewhere she sings
songs to empty ghosts
summer clouds cradle
her chalice form

I wait out the storm
and miss her
like breath the dying man
offering empty words
to sway of ocean horizon
hungry for her return


Rhyme Flow

I know why I never write in rhyme anymore
takes too much time thought to define
meaning of each precarious line
when each word is wine door for poetry

Rhyme seems a tedious sort of chore
trying to set up specific ending
give significance to words depending
on what sound image they convey
limited to how they play out on page
slave to certain word dependence
adjective adverb verb plotted in precise space
of sentence

Sometimes too much thought
hinders channeling message
being vessel for flowing story
each word carries glory or worry
depending on plea
each a seed to flower unfolding need
shower those who read
heeding in deliberate chase
like all or one holding everything
in single syllabic embrace

A holographic universe
everything found in content of every atom
every thought one can fathom
found in each piece of the whole
that's how I write now
with wow in every word

If I do rhyme its part of flow
but don't expect
that's how it will go
suppose I die
as I write a line of a song
or my reader dies as their reading along

Would I invest all interest in only
the ending word of poem
or in every flow of its going
No one knows when end will come
and besides it is not about the sum
but the math along the way
promised no further days
I play each as it comes


Wherever I May Roam

Wherever I go
I'm fully aware of being there
even when I don't go anywhere
at all

Home is where conscious is
where life always gives you
all you could want
or thought you'd need

Like wisdom in words you read
inspiring feeling and good deed
service to humankind
blessing to those in mind

I find no matter where one insists to go
conscious knows
nothing exists but here

No there being in future or past
to anchor in moment
evading center
mentor of personal laws
seeking effect before cause
when in truth there is only
the pause breathing in between

Acquainting New Story

I missed you though you'd never know
I had to kiss you then let you go
hoping someday you'd return again

More than just a friend
able to mend acquainting new stories
of ventures apart space to fury mark new start

Don't forget I loved you and still do
it was not your fault we grew through
different fates at different rates
making mistakes that settled
our relationship in doom

Maybe we met too soon
I was growing too fast and you
you needed time to grasp
what in end would be
remedy to free the best of one another

Always feel free to call
I wish nothing but the best for you
it's all I ever meant to do I guess
though sometimes I failed honoring self instead
I was blessed to have led life to this
you were a gift of destiny

Before I go might I have one more kiss
as I leave me on my way
love you hope to see you again someday
until then it was good to know you


For Minna

I see her coming conjuring comfort
answering riddles
of a thousand just like me

She was not in seek of this
none of us were
content in owning all pleasure
every leisure ours for attempting

It doesn't matter how it happened
what fates lead course
it changes nothing
of dependence on wheeled chariot

What matters is that she's here
available to console her children
and those who soothe her own tears

Struggling initially
who doesn't plunging depths
cast on hell's gates forced to fight off demons
or be dragged inside

Busy living again doing the work
that is her sacred dream
finding meaning in the simple
others can't know for her
enlightening purpose on this plain

Shepherd's peer support director
diving oracle shedding light for others
seeking enchanted company
I watch her unveil secrets
bearing personal mythology
lesson to others
in need of her song
Beacon for others peering through dim
in need of honing light
to impose direction

She is the north star
guiding others' progress
harbor from which navigation is possible
Polaris declaring
this way leads home

One day I will see her again
in some never-ending lifetime
as yet unmentioned
where we are not needed for this change
where we can just be witness
to all grandeur consciousness composes

It is written in the heavens
encrypted in starshine
gods and goddesses know story
prophecies explain tale
of them that were sent
to experience different
shedding all karma
to know grace worthy of surrender


The Bloodline Restored

I know it couldn't have been
easy for you trying to
define yourself growing up
through broken homes
and fathers who could never
claim you as their own

Thank you Justin
for embracing uncertainty
without question of where
have I been all your life

I could never justify that answer
I could never even try

You coming back into my life
is and has been
the greatest event of my years

I will honor you first
in all the things that I do
trying always to take care
of your wants and needs
in regard to my own

You already are so much more
of a man than I ever was

I hope to live up
to the standard you have set
hoping only to mirror
the lesson you present me
Young master of so much already
proficient with pen skateboard wakeboard
keyboard bass and guitar

Those around you
will look to you to lead

Guide them well
as I support you
in the things
that make you
a great blessing to world

Know that everything I do
the sum of all I am and will be
is for you son without question


New Year Confidant

She came to me in dream
I saw her the next day
Not letting opportunity slide
I went to her to say
hey I don't know you
but saw you in a dream
thinking this a pick-up line
she didn't say a thing

Detecting some scene
of her own lingering dream
she said I can't place exact space
but I remember your face as well
I can't yet tell but know of what you mean

I said I've seen your face before as well
I don't remember exactly how
memories may yet tell
the deja-vu of this moment now
I said I can't recall the details of that dream
or what exactly they mean
but feel the same thing
and I didn't want to seem sly
but only try to abide
whatever connection may remain

She said it's hard to explain
it's such a weird thing
but I am glad we had a chance to meet
chance to greet this strange space
able to taste whatever may yet grace outcome
After talking awhile
she gave me her number
and I went along my way we promised to meet
share dinner later in the day

I was excited to explore
whatever fate may hold for us in store
recognition dawns the eye
no coincidental meeting
moments though fleeting
are like that in mystery
never know just go and see
feel things out as one goes along
find a niche in which one belongs
sharing whatever may come
of this lesson in duality


And So It Is...

We have no idea where future leads
or what present awaits our flaccid embrace
we only have choice to make decision
move on regardless of odds
or death awaiting admission to just succumb
there will be them later counting on us
to make it to achieve survival now

There will be they
who need our experience of evolution
who will later lean on our will to survive
and push themselves onward facing that day
when they too conquer experience
that will enable someone else to help themselves

There are grandparents parents sibling children
dependent on our decisions
in these fragile times before us now
what role we choose to assume
will decide the future glories
of nations civilizations cultures generations
that will one day seek
to achieve what seems to us now miracle outcome

Neither deny self the full capacity
of the experience before you
but recognize that saving yourself
in these crucial moments gives others chance
to save what may be the something or someone
who will one day save another's world or universe
as it is when the butterfly flutters waves resonate
echoing through dimensions rippling great change

We are seeds planted planting our own
for what will be garden someday
our children's children
will finish wherever we may fall short
accomplish where we may fail
press on where we have retreated

We are each the story
which one day becomes legend
each the hero accomplishing miracle feat
in each of our genes the prophet parables mystery
fantasy becomes real uncertainties become known
and the known becomes the stuff of mythology

We are born into exact circumstance
necessary for evolving soul
for this lifetime will make or break
who we have chance to become
no coincidences no perchance happenings
everything is exactly as it was supposed to be
or it would not

The only thing we can control
the only thing we can direct
is individual free will and how to use it
those lucky enough to have sober understanding
of how awesome and beautifully miracle
each moment of life is
are the saviors heroes oracles
gods goddesses remembered
for not what they said but how they were
everyone else will be just a word on the page
of the great story that is life
and so it begins…

The Rising Possibility Of A Forever Moment

Excitement ensues dimming lights
New Year's Eve could be no better
than at concert with Tanja Avery and thousands
collectively intending peace and good time

As the filtering flow of people
seeking assigned seat came to halt
I took notice of her
a dreamy sort of sultry hip chick
directly in front of me one row down
and choice benediction for espying eye

Eased in with acoustic mix
Widespread set it off right
exuding sweet discourse
to enchant night in pleasing melody

The end of 2003 everyone fully hyped
the fury of dance articulated appreciation
as every anthem was hailed in shouts of merriment

Fans befriending others around
share more than just meaningful conversation
with those acquainting story

I watched her spin writhe and turn
owning space ruling movement
hips a squall of beat
feet a clamor of rhythm
in intoxicating display

Night prevailing occasion found our stares
drifting stares at each other
prolonged glance courted invitation
interest met and all else faded

Spellbound feeling grip
she came to me floating steps in temple rise
settling to occupy space by my side
presence like sunrise on a beach
of warm comfort
sky in shock color lending spectacle
awesome to witness

Daring to convey attraction
we spoke in gentle slang engaging review
attempting to solve riddle persuading curiosity

I will never forget the feel of her check
skin brushing mine as we exchange dialogue
lending ear to pass sentiment
above the stirring echoes
of crowd resolute in having good time

Pressing night passing word
her hair glistening damp from celebration
glimpsed my shoulders
as she lean in to whisper reply
bartering questions confirming appeal

Several times our lips nearly brushed
as we offered words to display
detail of life and going

There was reason for she and I to meet
this realized as Encore spun into 'Vacation'
'I didn't see you were right next to me
but I'm so glad you could make it
with you by my side I might get back alive
from my next Vacation'

Our lips pressed in gentle kiss
eyes locked staring lengths at each other
lost in her ocean blue
I embraced the mood of this moment
and our coming together

No goodbye to story
morning dawned with visions
of her gypsy eloquence
still fresh in mind
trying not to wake
and lose her in parting

I smiled warm inside
touched by
the rising possibility of a forever moment

Babylon and Beyond

Leave the rotten towns of your father,
the poisoned wells of blood stained streets,
enter now the sweet forest
- Jim Morrison

Yashuah disappeared for 20 years
before reemerging to contemporary eye
rumors say he went East
lulled by merchant talk
& myth of God sized temples

I left too straddling contemptuous winds
chasing elusive sun to ocean horizon
where it would leave me defeated
with only Venus night
as comfort to assess my disposition

We must all leave
at least once to understand condition
there are whole towns in the West
full of those that have escaped

Paid to surf skyscraper mountains
from Sunrise to Sunset everyday
in a place where Internationals vacation

Public opinion thinks enlightenment
contained in books
law communally
backed by certifiable teachers

The Native Americans
went to the desert vast in religion
humbled for communion
seeking vision unique to circumstance

The grand palace didn't understand
laughed at young Buddha
when he renounced his crown
dropping imperial arrangement
turning back on myriad
friendly lovers of royalty

Seeking answer he offered crown jewels
radiant in cascading glow
to beggars fallen to destitution
and exclaimed to world
"Take all that I have which conspires mind
when nothing remains for fingers to snatch
there you will find me dressed in nakedness
sseeking that which physical cannot offer"