Final Incarnation

Wallowing through the uncertainty
of false righteousness
trailing fragment truth

The wind found me
dressed in awkward circumstance
moments of uncertain knowing
recognition with kindred souls

Words lead to ritual
ritual lead to remembrance
awakening I went seeking others

Reminding each other of past legend
even as we questioned our own knowing

We laugh passing time
sharing passages of favored poems
favored poets immortalized by paper

Now we come again announcing presence
with signs & wonder

Night recedes
on lips of morning


Mystic Fantasia

Night dark shadows narrow
contorting angles with faltering moon

Stars as elder witness
peek spectral clouds smiling in approval

I read her poems sharing insight
over spotted candlelight
words wine banter singing meaningless withdrew

She wanted so much to experience
the pledge of my prose

Glad to accommodate
the moment left us to silence
with only each other as comfort for disposition

Giving to what beckoned
I knew by her eyes that she was wanting
disposed to giving me her every secret
on sequin salver
with fingerling knot work
to highlight her jewel

Obliging I pushed her limits
exploring all angles & possibility

We converged melting into each other
intermingling auras & fate

Morning finds me with her love pressing mine
thoughts to define occasion and new poem


The Great Centering

I want them to know
wish it for them
more than anything

Not ready yet
each in own time

Long has it been
to come to this

Companion Verses

Things go unsaid
when no one cares to listen
prophets crazy in the streets or institutions

Shut up write it down
turn back on them all
going inward

Futility ambitions
money rules world
I had to leave seek life
pervading soul to imagine

4 years I spent in Aerostar van
comforted by land
taught lesson by wind sun moon
moments alone with thought
stoned inspiration leading
parade of words

They thought me foolish
I followed curious observance
with only the remedy of words
to companion verses
ease off feeling

Born with every Sun
dying with every night
called to write
it was life for me

Thought-Filled Intending

Perceptions waver varying truth
I am in that space
where all worlds are possibility

Spirit says we must intend together harmoniously
rippling instantaneous change
allow thought to reflect higher ideals
service to one another

Bringing forth what we ourselves
magnetically project forward
Vision Thought Idea
Word Action Example
Experience Dream Reality

We are the stars of the movie
witness to every unfolding
a small miniscule tiny dirt particle part
of the greater consciousness
that birthed creation
gifting us experience
within an unbelievably vast
universe of life

Small nevertheless
our intentions are important
to balance the collective

We must perceive without judgment
see without the mind to interfere
of this great time
and the deed to be done


Reality Check

Ask yourself in this only and every moment
do I feel good right now

Is there anything
I can do differently in routine
to illicit greater pleasure
or increase happiness

What in life causes stress
and how can I transform that energy

Intent defines attraction
eliminate as much as possible
chaos hate anger pain
unless desiring such experience

Heaven is just a matter
of changing pattern
creating moment that feels good

Higher purpose will take care of higher goal
do what feels beautiful
we can allow ourselves to experience
pleasure health well being
joy happiness miracle
compassion for people
plants animals Earth and universe

My life mantra
be here now
reflecting inner witness

Sanctuary is holding life as prayer
connecting to divinity
while respecting all things as Sacred
and worthy of life

Magic surpasses the extent of reason
there is so much more to living than
culture as defined by society
science cannot explain away mystery

Analyze interaction with all energies
not just human relating
there are They that hold key
to further evolving

When the student is ready the teacher will appear

Unfolding is never guaranteed
though screenplay can channel direction

Live for purpose love
overruling other peoples expectations

Now is all that exist
become keenly aware of directing moment
responsible for the set-up
calling attraction and probability

A moment prepared in foresight
can chance an experience intended
be the creator of a movie
worthy of your life


Athens Regional Hospital
-The Great Beyond

Moments that challenge living
reclaim directive

Extreme pain presents
occasion for total clarity
where having been pushed one transcends
to something obviously further

Is it worth it to stay
endure pain to maintain connection
or would it be better for them and me
if I just let go
allow transcendence
to beyond and infinity

The only choice then
is deciding on whether to return
life experience measured

I was okay with passing
here among strangers
I felt loved

That's all people want
in final moments
to feel loved

Somebody to be present
to say goodbye world
in what would be last utterance


Near Parting

My friends family came to see me
those who couldn't called

Selective in whom I would see or talk to
even now I question
every relationship in living

I'm glad to be with my cats
last rose of summer
leaves giving up on season

I am reminded
how frail connections really are
how all things move from spring to harvest
and back again

Write like it's the last thing to ever be scribbled
last words to seduce tendency
convey feeling before
leaving for dream

We are moving into and out of duality
changing forms bodies personalities
claiming lives that sometimes make no sense

There is reason for all this cycling
greater reason than verbs allow to tell

The objective of life
Is to learn what for and why
everything then will finally make sense

Borrowed Time

Out of hospital recovered
but still something's wrong
how long until next episode

We're on borrowed time
this every moment
granted life and being
by a Creator that asks only
that we love each other
like sister brother
taking care of world
supporting every child

There are many here assisting this time
they are the miracle necessary
to set some free
allay the deepest fears of not knowing
about continuance

Assuredly I will tell you it is so
we have been since there ever was being
being is all there is ever will be
we will cross many more times in cycling

Surviving more than most can endure alone
I have shared the discourses on conscious living
exampling life as church
emphasis on holding sanctuary
in all the occasions of living
in harmony with all things

Karma with no relating
love each other
every one around
emphasis on similarity rather than difference

Treat everyone in equal kindness
with the same regard as if
they are the last soul
you will ever see

We are guaranteed no further evolving
and there are no greater moments
than the one we occupy now

Tonight is in the Lord's hands


The Mute Genius

Quiet withdrawn the boy grunted odd sounds
in wheezing pitch
to communicate his world

It was more than his father could think to bear
or chose to see

She learned to understand him
when no one else could
deciphering lingo

She loved him decided way back
to do what she could
defiant by his side

She managed well enough alone
no one else to turn to for security
nowhere else to go
his father abandoned them both
no note he took only the money stashed
in the cupboard dish

She survived best she could
raising him on wages earned cleaning houses
him in tow

He was different early on
spent most of his life
retreating from world
to where safety protects soul

His eyes cared that nobody bothered
to contend his speech

With the IQ of a genius
it frustrated him that he couldn't move effectively
or communicate clearly

He and his mother would come to our meetings
glad others were there for them to acquaint

He's a little shy she says loosely convicted

I gave him time to ease his feeling
show him kindness without overbearing effort

Like him distant in my indifference
madly misunderstood
I promised to take him
to where the wide river falls
and the sun-drenched rainbows
are always free to see

No words need voice
sunsets humble all to same decree
free joy for taking


Net Worth

They would have you believe
that hope can no longer reach
one so fragmented in despair
dreaming to defy condition

I guess maybe that would be true
if I pitied self seriously

I just want to be able to sit without squirming
or worrying about needing to lie down

My life is just as precious
and worthy of occupation
as anybody else's no matter how important
they may think they are

I value my opportunities
things I have chance to do
with the marvel of day

I do what I feel I need
what I want
with focus attention time pursuit

I decide everyday what is relevant
for my effort and predisposition

Writing fencing reading drawing
every moment is mine
and though there are many things I cannot do
I do what I can with what I've got
and that leads me to always new possibility