Please let us know what concerns you in the disability world. We are compiling information now about the needs of the community and how best to address these concerns. Soon we will start a quarterly grant in which people can request assistance for any number of things. We know there is a great need among people with disabilities for numerous simple items which can have a great impact upon the daily living of individuals. So with whatever funds we have available we will address the needs of the community in the best way we can.

Feel free to email me about anything which may concern you. I will help in anyway that I can to find the best answers for your questions or I will at least point the direction for what I think is the best direction for that resource. I have been blessed to make numerous contacts all over the country so that should you need resource about a particular state I may be able to lead you to the right person.

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Should you wish to purchase a copy of "A Different Way Of Being", "When The Evening Dies...", "Look Somewhere Different", or any of the t-shirts shown on this site please and include book or t-shirt purchase as the subject line. Should you simply wish to make a tax-deductible donation Go Here: or send donation to 39 Alexander St, Winder, GA 30680.. We appreciate your support and to hope continue aiding the disability community into empowerment. It is my sincere wish that all persons living in nursing homes currently, might one day soon have the option to enjoy life involved with community. We must create the network which will take care of all of us as a whole.

Zen Garcia's book, A Different Way of Being, is an autobiography in poetry, its 300 pages ranging from his first waking days after his accident to his activism on behalf of other disabled people, interspersed with photos, and told with Garcia's own brand of mysticism and lyricism, bent to the service of a better country for us all. Available for $18 ($15 plus $3 shipping) from (put "book purchase" in subject line).