Please Help us: Pass Four Laws to Protect People from Forced Starvation Dehydration in GA

We are quickly approaching the first anniversary of the judicial murder of Terri Schindler Schiavo. Advocates familiar with the case watched the unfolding scenario horrified that a human being could be devalued to the point that society would watch her being punished to death, tried like a vicious criminal on national and worldwide TV. Who could believe that she would be forced to endure brutal treatment that our constitution protects even the most hardened evil criminals from experiencing. Neither rapist, nor murderer, she was no criminal at all and yet she was victimized by the Courts that should have protected her from the cruel intentions of her monster husband Michael Schiavo, who out of love he says, starved/dehydrated his wife on 3 separate occasions; forcing her to endure the most horrific treatment administered to any human being anywhere. Could this really happen here? Not only can this happen here in America, it does and is happening all the time all over our nation. Whereas the people here think that Terri was and is the only person to have been treated this way in our country, disability advocates know the real truth. Forced starvation, dehydration happens all the time everywhere in all of our hospitals.

A report by the Robert Powell center for Medical Ethics of the National Right to Life Committee, April 15, 2005, released just two weeks after the murder of Terri proves that starvation/dehydration is a regular form of “treatment” for those whose lives are considered not worth living. When asked, WILL YOUR ADVANCE DIRECTIVE BE FOLLOWED? The Report concludes that, "The public overwhelmingly believes patient and family choices for life-preserving measures should be respected, even when health care providers disapprove. However, health care providers are increasingly denying life-preserving measures in contravention of patient and family directives choosing them. Their denial of care as 'futile' is often based on 'quality of life' rather than physiological grounds and that most state laws fail to protect patients and families who want food, fluids, or life support when health care providers deny it." Do you see why it is of vital importance that people with disabilities absolutely take a very vocal stand now on this issue while we still can. We are at war with a very powerful enemy and most of you don't even know that your life orsomeone’s you know is at risk. I will tell you about some very important issues which you will need to educate yourself about in order to best protect yourself and your families. Endeavor Freedom, Inc. has been working with legislatures to create a starvation/dehydration prevention act to protect people with disabilities in the State of Georgia from the forced nightmare that Terri Schindler Schiavo was forced to undergo in the state of Florida.

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