Timeless Connections

Portals of Introspection
a reflection of my own face
In her warm sunny eyes
I reach a serene space
Her vision tempts my mind
inspiring thoughts to written word
She holds my heart fixated
alluring me with curious urge
Caressed by her sly gestures
I touch her with my eyes
& with but one kiss I steal
all her alibis

Romancing thoughts I imagine
time we spent together
How it felt to be awed little children
snug in the womb we call forever
Our dreams overlaps
demanding fate draws us home
The Spirit winds of destiny
calling those who roam
Drifting for unknown meaning
our paths converge together
Lucid dreams
veiling night
proof of something better
Wilderness shadows
words of a forgotten letter
Images of
traded memories
go streaming into forever...

I'll wait the signs to come
I'll find my way home


II. Strange Encounter

Wandering drifting stars
thoughts of another place
Far from this one of ours
somewhere in a different space
Somewhere in another time
surviving in some strange city
Visions of her dance in mind
an angel with very pretty
breath-taking eyes
Wet from streaming tears
rivers that she cries
Unseen specters brought us together
bounding us in time
For some reason our circles are forever
mixing her life & mine

A new dawn greets the sky
in Golden morning glory
I bid Night goodbye
another page of
my life story
Jah thanks & praises
another chance we have to try
Irie we embrace
new decisions to decide
Another day in this strange place
one more round of life
Another dream I chase
across the starry night
One more chance to taste
enjoy anything I like
Anything that I wish
thankful for anything I might
The sweet sister I kiss
has heaven in her eyes
Curious how fate
worked her back into my life

The world hesitates
another chance slips on by
Another billion people will be born
another billion people will die
Alive we are thankful
praises for our lives
Happy to be here for another day
one more starry enchanted night

The meeting boughs and implicated leaves
Wove twilight o'er the Poet's path, as led
By love, or dream, or God, or mightier Death,
He sought in Nature's dearest haunt, some bank,
Her cradle, and his sepulchre.

-Percy Bysshe Shelley

III. Seduction of the Innocent

What do I offer to this beautiful girl
who has tasted already
the rose of my world?
She wonders about mysteries
veiled by my eyes
How she might penetrate
my subtle disguise?
She wonders as I entice her
with seductively gentle phrases
My voice uttering
whispered praises
lullabies on the wind
She wonders
when might I see her again
Distanced is she from me
by the stretch
of this incredible land
Another treasured memory
by image held in hand

Eager to explore
her tender childlike ways
Show her a new world
sunrise of a new day
watch the sunset together
embrace the dark of night
& if she were here right now
I would embrace her tight
Show her how I feel
touch her deep inside
The moment our lives
Wanton spirits to her
all my love I send
Before the next moon
I vow to see her again

Twilight Angels
breast to chest
Sharing the same ecstasy
caught in the same breath
Touching sweetly
so deeply
deeper than ever before
her hunger
striking like thunder
until she can take no more

Where'er my footsteps turned,
Her voice was like a hidden bird that sang;
The thought of her was like a flash of light
Or an unseen companionship, a breath
Or fragrance independent of the wind;
Of all my meditations, and in this
Favorite of all, in this most of all.

-William Wordsworth

IV. Candlelight Poems

Here I do my work
in the serene silence of night
Polishing my words
by soft candlelight
when our paths meet
I will greet
your presence with mine own
I hunger to share with you
one single night alone
I see you as a shadow
caressing the film of dark
I dream of you & there you are
fulfillment to a prayer
I gaze into your eyes
stroke the length of your hair
Your heat comfort by my side
mesmerized by what we share
When I see you
I will free you
bring you with me
to dance in the gardens of eternity
Overwhelmed by love
rare expressions of bliss
The miracle of some miracle
a prayer we never wished
We'll touch soon again I feel
even as I write
Though nothing is for certain
I'm just glad to be alive
I wait for you
come to me
so we can both ascend
I will take you
breath by breath
into that realm of heaven
Look in my eyes, love
what is it that you see
Is it the reflection of your own

V. Starcrossed

Something so beautiful
my poems fail to describe
The kind of passion
bonding an angel nymph
& a wandering scribe
Great Spirit watches
over us
our grand trip through this life
Though sometimes we fail
our trust
at least we get to try

The mystical alchemy of creation
instant manifestation
co-creative powers with God
but very true
all my secrets I give to you

I miss you lover
more than I'll let you know
I seem to think of you Starchild
wherever it is I go
My hunger
my spirit
awaits to discover
Passion in your arms
mysterious lover
I want the comfort of you
sleeping by me
when I awaken
from my souls journey
I feel your body
your heat close to mine
Melting the winter chill
our bodies entwined
Time to touch
our souls to bond
While our bodies rest
& our souls are gone

Come to me worded roses
silent whispers from my script
A little secret
for your ear
a gift
from trembling lips
Peer deep into my eyes
so we each may memorize
one another
mirror lover
I feel your passions
your breath with mine
& in your presence
I know I will find

Reality is what has been
concealed from us
for so long
birth sex death
we're alive when we laugh
when we can feel the
rush & spurt of blood


Distant Wanderings

Risking it all
won't waste any more time
Abandoning The East Coast
corporate 9 to 5
No more sellout to white slavery
the new summer would bring
A renewance of bravery
a whole different dream

Searching lost mindless
on California Beaches
Looking out across even
where the horizon reaches
Beyond imagination
questioning temptation
a longing for something more
Found in a strange journey
a beautiful dream
I willingly explore

Dreamt of you
Redwood trees
Sending prayers to you
on thin moonlight beams
that somehow reach the forest floor
Thoughts out to you
for our dream
to the Everything
Glad for a chance
to sleep with you once more

II. Restless Nights

Watching from above
your eyes closed by love
in experiences that we share
Moments of silence
playful acts of defiance
alluring me to your lair

Passionate kisses
taunting wishes
whispered between quick breaths
Again we are together
again it feels like forever
loving you is always best

Into the Silence
Angels of science
souls become transformed
like the fiery phoenix
I feel reborn

The reflection of perfection
that bonds our inner being
Twisting our lives
intermingling our dreams
Leads us on the run
to do the things we do
Anything for freedom
a choice we had to choose...