"For me the world is weird
because it is stupendous, awesome, mysterious, unfathomable;
my interest has been
to convince you that you
must assume responsibility
for being here,
in this marvelous world,
in this marvelous desert,
in this marvelous time.
I wanted to convince you
that you must learn
to make every act count,
since you are going to be here
for only a short while;
in fact, too short for witnessing
all the marvels of it."

-Don Juan

Cuando Se Muere La Tarde

My grandmother held on for us to arrive
She was bed-ridden
unable to move
But before she left
the commitment of this life
there was one thing more she had to do
All night she would speak with angels
her body groaning with restless tossing
When the family came together
she prepared for final crossing
Nights alone I would slip in
to watch
as her body struggled for breath
Wheezing coughing fighting hard
against the heavy lungs of death
Approaching Angels marked their descent
the darkness coming
hides the light
There was movement
a sign from the wind
the moment just about right
Staring into darkness
dawning the visage of angels
no last words to impart
She wanted no sympathy
already comforted
no words needed to console her heart
I told her she would be free soon
to dance & sing as angels do
She said,"I have no fear of death
I am ready to die."
I said "No, grandma,
your body wants to quit
but you,
your soul is ready to fly."
& fly she did
The exact moment
everything to the point she was free
Unfolded like a flowering secret
yielding to me its mystery

Her last morning here
family arriving to bid farewell
Friends appeared with long faces
feelings no words can reveal
Prayers were whispered
as she slowly faded
her breathing began to slow
When her body stilled
her eyes became jaded
she left her body cold
Everyone said goodbye
as she drifted into that dream
Her eyes looking out at the world
for what seemed
her final glimpse of the room
that held her prisoner for so long
The Sparkle that gleamed her eye
disappeared & was gone
Escorted by the dreamers
liberated by death
her body slowed gasping
a few quick last breaths
then remained motionless
transfixed in stillness

Melancholy swept the room
tears raining from crying eyes
Time had stolen her away so soon
barely a chance to say goodbyes
Secretly happy for her
in those nights alone we shared
All she wanted was
to pass with those who cared
& we were there
with tears in our eyes
Uncomfortable with death
& unwilling to say goodbye

They said to her, "Rest in peace."
& I thought,
"No, grandma
do not rest in peace,
do the things this empty, frail body
would not allow you to do
Dance with the Angels
on clouds of silver mist
know always
that you will be missed
Rejoice in reunion
with your once departed lover
For there was no other
& you kept sacred your vow
even beyond death
Now an eternity to rediscover
the man who once left
The promise of Sacred love
again within your touch
Though he went a little sooner
I know he's missed you much
& now you both can live again."

I miss you grandma
until we meet again
know that we shall
miss you until then
remember us as we remember you
forget not we love you true

- Zen

into thy hands
I commend my spirit:

-Luke 23:46

Silent Lucidity

Soft skinned lover
oceans of silk covers
hunger heats her breath
Teasing one another
I above her
nipples ripe upon her breasts

Dreamy passing time
unhurried she burns
as I blossom her Lotus womb
Smoothing strokes
probing depths
her body tells me what to do

Pacing our rhythm
passion so strong
intense the love we make
The song we dance
leaves us shaken when gone
how powerful our serenade

I told her I'd take her
if she'd just close her eyes
but she was scared
having never gone so deep
Thought she could handle
guess I wasn't right
so I left her with memories
short but sweet...

But few if any knew or cared
what was to be remembered
or even why
it was important to remember


II. Children of the Sun

Strangest sensation
flight within dreams
solo on a pearlescent jeweled beach
New Moon night
stars gleaming
smiling back just out of reach
Heavenly lights moving in swirls
above a lion sea
Beneath it all the children fight
living so foolishly
Roaring waves paw
thick heavy wet sand
The hungry ocean craves
love with coastal lands
The children of night
born on the run
beneath an eclipsing moon
Live life on a knife
beneath a patient sun
doing ceremonies with strange mushrooms

Ancient memories
old myths of a distant age
Here in this reality
things will have to change
A Ghostly moon dances
upon a chaotic sea
As the waters calmed
she smiled & looked at me
In a way
that took me away
further than ever before
Crystal eyes inviting me
urging me to come seek more
Entranced by her beauty
I was pulled by her eyes
& to my surprise
away I fell
I was hers
entranced by her spell

Stripped of my words
I remember only her eyes
The way that they awed me
holding me surprised
Captivating my stare
like some enchanted jewel
I tried to hold my ground
but I was hers to rule
She said,
"Some things are hidden
too dark to see
Unless you can learn
to perceive differently
What I will teach you
must never be told
For some things are not meant
for all minds to hold."
She knew she had me
then we changed
Disappearing into the night
as the world remained

For verily I say unto you,
That many prophets and righteous men
have desired to see
those things which ye see,
and have not seen them;
and to hear
those things which ye hear,
and have not heard them.

-Matthew 13:17

III. Collapsing Worlds

Some nights after
my grandmother's cross
Heightened consciousness
within my dreams
I heard the call of whispered breaths
taunt of strange chantings
& somehow
I began slipping
falling through time space
Glimpsing another reality
witness to another place
All but my hands
transformed & moved
Everything faded
blurring into
A plethora of colors
existing without form
Swirling me around
in a whirling storm
Attentively focused
I locked on my hands
Falling backwards
for what seemed to span
as I landed in my room
Staring at the wall
exhilarated but exhumed
& it took a little while
for me to "see"
That I was back with my body
& not in another reality...

IV. Urban Shaman

At twilight
the Spirits sing
haunting graves abandoned homes
At night
the Spirits meet
in ancient spaces
secret abodes
embracing eternity
where the sunset meets the sea
He knows
he comes with understanding
to meet his destiny
the heart of a Warrior's way
A battle with his self
his struggle everyday
Crying out his song
the burdens of his heart
Leading by example
his life becomes his art
Conjuring the wind
sending prayers with breath & smoke
Going places within
seeking poems he's never wrote

& Spirit comes to listen
when he sings his words
Stars cross the sky streaking
to let him know he's been heard
Invisible hands of wind
lightning thunders by
& he's dancing oblivious to all
chanting arms held to the sky
Screaming winds know his song
the heavy cross he wears
The Spirit knows his intent
the secret words of all his prayers

Honor to those whom
have also danced this dream
Those that have glimpsed already
things that he has seen
The elements are pleased
with sacrifices he made
The 4 days of fasting
the tobacco he gave
Confronting his shadow
resolving the past
Times distraught in agony
times he's had to laugh
This day he walks in peace
his place within this world
Though his life has become a breeze
he's still intrigued
by what unfurls

To believe that the world
is only as you think it is,
is stupid.
The world is a mysterious place.
Especially in the twilight.

-Don Juan

V. Dreamflight

Amidst a concealed bridge
just beside a reeded lake
Two wise crones
came across to say
Imposing this question
snickering as they went by
Why walk friend
it's easier just to fly
Then grasping lucidity
awake a different way
Thanking those crones
as I sat to pray
Then flying
across the tops of trees
leaping in single bounds
I passed through things
as though I were
little more than sound
The heavens opened before me
as did the earth below
Though I was learning fast
some things I still did not know
Though I sometimes lose a dream
the reality is visibly stronger
I'm still not pure of soul
to sustain them any longer
Seems i'm getting closer
I'm just a dream away
Knowing dreams are different
for those awake both night & day...

He said that seers,
old and new,
understand dreaming
as being the control
of the natural shift
that the assemblage point
undergoes during sleep.

-Don Juan

Strange Thoughts Gathered
by an Ocean Shore

it's funny
how life heeds
the whimsies of my desire
the way of life i choose to lead
awakening the soul of a gypsy writer
could i forget
or regret
in any way
all those days
i woke beside you

the things i do or did
testing the bounds
of the dreams i found
searching for lives i've lived
gratified walls
declare Jesus saves
tall buildings look small
dwarfed by sunset rays
testimonial flowers brighten
gardens of forgotten names
those who died without living
now sharing empty graves
can't take it serious
that 9 to 5 dream
& you and I
we come to know
nothing is as it seems

a dark backalley street
some guttered unknown
your half a world away
still accessible by phone
if i wanted i could call you
utter some impromptu poem
but that's not my way
& goes against my knowing

II. Butterfly Dreams

piercing the veils
boundaring time
seems i'm slowly breaking through
chasing all those divine
who promised
to give me their wings for you
old pre-celtic labyrinths
spiralling in knotwork mazes
circles of stone in specific places
ancestors of ancient man
leftover traces
in swirling desert sand
where pyramids eclipse the sun
for wanderers from distant lands
knower of all things done
before the twilight hour
when the night unflowers
her bower
Niburu towers above the Sphinx
who hints at something more

aware i am
of conscious space
no trace of my shadow
gracing this place
or that
in fact
before even the beginning
in mysterious waves
light reached across expansing skies
creating the stars
that infinitely glide
on filaments of lost memory
anywhere & everywhere
we can think to see
you & me
here in this womb of stars

III. Circles of Life

somewhere out there far away
deep into the night
stars provide life & light
as they travel tight
around some great center
smiling down from night skies
like us they fade & die

sharing a journey
that seems to have no end
people i've come
to call my friends
realizing life deserves no less
than everything we can give
so we try to live each day
fully passionately
like each dying sun
the birth & death of someone
or at least some dream
to old to sustain itself
fading back to eternity
having already been helt
by someone
leaving for another
some other
who may need it now

We gather our reawakened memories
as if pearls strung together
on a cord,
endeavoring to recreate
our necklace of remembrance.


IV. Now & Zen

waking to another day
wandering here wandering astray
with no fear as to where i go
confident knowing what i know
what i've seen
tasting & drinking every dream
that smiles on me
the young souls i've set free
even if it's only momentarily
will never forget
what i shared
wherever & when i was there
but now i must sleep
creep across nights veil
what i seek who can tell
i just want release
so please
don't wake me in the morning
even if its pouring
rain into my eyes
let me enjoy my other life
for the time
i can sustain myself there
when i awake i will share
things supposedly unseen

Therefore speak I to them in parables:
because they seeing see not:
and hearing hear not;
neither do they understand.

-Matthew 13:13

V. Cougar Hot Springs

confident knowing what i know
determined where i go
here at cougar
in the midst of steamy mist
we watched
the darkness kiss
a copper moon
that towered full on the horizon
just as the sun was rising
reminding me again
of where i'm going
where i'm from
how i've come
to be here this day
always watching me
as i go on my way
& whose to say
if i'll make it or not
this moment is all i've got
& though their not
exactly sure of heaven
i've got an idea
& that's a start...

They new not exactly
what they must remember
but they acknowledged
the utmost reverence
for that which
had been forgotten


Days Of Our Lives

Distance became
the poison of our affair
Doubt causing uncertainty
in the love we did share
Look Somewhere Different
poems of sacrifice
Accounts of the most intimate
moments of my life
Neither of us knows
the intricacies of this dream
It just goes to show
we know little about anything

Things are getting stranger
a sign from falling stars
Many lives endangered
by the threat of war
Right where we need to be
doing what we will
Okay in sitting with
whatever it is we feel
Each of us is blessed
gifted in our own special way
But this does not mean we possess
each other or should betray
one another mirror lover
You are my sister my lover
my truest friend
& we will cross many times
this journey has no end
Be true to yourself
listen to your heart
& no matter where you go
remember where you are

For only when I know who I am
will I know what is possible.

-Ram Dass

II. The U-District

Another fulfilling dream
though I expected it not
So I greet you again, angel
with all the love I've got
I've been reading the signs
reaching me in different ways
Dreaming about the changes
that are coming into play
I follow the sweet silence
of open interstates
So lucky am I
granted freedom by my Fate
A new chapter unfolding
into a new book of memories
Unsure about the next year
we'll just go with it & see

...each of us
must never avert our eyes
from those elements of heaven
that seem puzzling or repellent;
for it is precisely the puzzlement
of perfection
that conceals
what we do not yet know
and yet need to know.

-Joni Eareckson Tada

Encounters With The Wind

Twilight the time
crack between the worlds
Space where the shaman greets
his invisible angel girl
Touches upon the wind
before the setting day
Calling twilight's enchantment
before it slips away
Unbelievable memory
something more than dream
Knowing it was more than real
more than what it seem
No moment could compare
though eyes could never see
Holding to a dream
the feeling set him free
Whatever they shared
beyond what can be known
Whatever they had done
forever held by him alone

Screams of ecstasy
escaped his gasping lungs
The night enshrouded he
with thoughts of what he had done
He cried
his eyes wet from that dream
So lucky was he
always thankful for Everything
Forgotten Invocations
utters this lost magician
Calling on Ancestry
with stars in perfect position
A night of alchemistry
just as they come together
Closing day rising night
a brief moment of forever

Stargazer the Maya
Diviners of Harmony
Spirits of my past
teaching me how to see
The oncoming night beckons
a gateway for us Angel lover
I will wait forever for you
because I know there is no other
Only you can spiral me
into the dream of that other world
This poem is to honor you
Mysterious Angel Girl

The magic key that opens
the earth's doors
is made of internal silence
plus anything that shines.

-Don Juan-

The world around us
is mysterious
It doesn't yield its secrets easily.

-Don Juan

Dancing Awake

Kind of a weird thing
crossing one dream into another
Such a strange feeling
encountering distant friends & lovers
Recognition dawns the eye
another coincidental meeting
Though reality seems permanent
I know it to be
just fleeting

A fresh morning of life
children come out to play
& I awaken feeling really good
eager for this day
An intense dream I live
the day I have to recover
Another day I'll spend with you
Little Rainbow Lover

I am home
I know the way
I am home
feeling oh so far away


Seekers of Lost Memories

Looking for wise teachers
ready to fulfill their Sacred vows
Lost among the wandering creatures
where are they looking now
Searching for meaning
as they always do
Following somebody's trail
of scattered broken clues
Many Brothers Sisters doing
what it is that must be done
& it's just another Glorious day
beneath Grandfather Sun
They talk about Ascension
enlightenment of the self
Perfection of Lessons
Mind/Spirit/Body health
All the prophecies lead this way
ultimate freedom promised to all
& though many are chosen
few will heed the call
They say the only way
we can save our souls
Is to pay off our karmic debts
but they must be paid in full
Everyone is hungry for heaven
higher spaces of ecstasy
Places touched by lovers
who through each other reach Eternity
Poems that I've gathered
capturing experiences I've had
I'll gladly share with you
if you happen upon my path
I remember writing each
as each came to me
Lessons learned from each of them
opening new sensitivities
Thankful I am to each person
each lesson that crosses my path
Thank Spirit for every opportunity
every memory that I've had
Painting With Words

Risking the dream
between me & you
2 years the relationship
we've come through
Consumed by feelings
unwilling to fight I deny
Strange fate destiny is dealing
but I guess it's alright

Promises of nothing
extending beyond now
Only the moment can fulfill
& hold my Sacred Vow
So I let you go
to dance along your path
young jewel in the rough of life
Dreams of you
the dream we had
realizations cut like a knife

The moment to depart approaches
Night relieved by Dawn
She doesn't even know
in the morning I'll be gone
I loved her too much
sometimes wondering why
Of course it's true
I'll miss her too
I hate to say goodbye
We tried you know
there was nothing to do
all birds want to fly
I had to go
there was nothing left
we can't fight all our lives
A choice we have to choose
though it may not have been right
& as words so often do
they comfort me this night

I don't regret we fell in love
not worried about where we go
Life is the teacher we learn from
the moment unfoldment
of all there is to know
Loving is forgiving
I wish no karma with you
It was a nice dream we lived
a drama shared by few
For what was what is
what could never be
Uncertain destinies still hiding
wrapped in mystery

Lost in another dream
to cry I deny
Strangest feeling
lost in reeling
snowboarding mountains
of the sky
& I think
only fools fall for jewels
crossing the eye of the mind
All things are like phantom dreams
that come & go with time
Perhaps we'll cross again
who knows what we'll find
You know I'll see you then
in some distant pleasant dream

You finally figure out
that it's only the clock
that's going around
Its doing its thing but you
you're sitting
Here Right Now Always

-Ram Dass

Sunrise Promises

Pretty child my sweet one
you'll remember this one day
We fought against defeat alone
sharing time along the way
& maybe someday we'll think
how lucky we were then
Though those times are over
our circles will cross again

An address I could write
a number I might call
Connection in a second
makes the world seem kind of small
If we are to reaquaint
you know I'll see you then
With these words as my paint
I paint what seems the end
...of this dream
& what seemed
a beautiful affair...

Amethyst Rose

Kindest Sister
wherever it is you may be
I, myself, dream of you now
& I know you dream of me
I regret our feelings
love lost its initial allure
You would leave
for Atlanta alone
I would head for Summer Tour
Did 37 shows this summer
saw you enough to almost remain true
I headed back West knowing
there was something more
I had to do

I promised to write
call you on the phone
But I couldn't do it
just left it alone
Sharing some time
along the trail of lovers
your path diverging from mine
Yearning to find
something more to discover
I left it all behind

Forever searching, never right
I am lost in oceans of night
Forever I am hoping I can find
Those memories I left behind


The Changeling

The Camera eye
reflects the soul
casting a diamond gleam
& from the shadows
the Ancient Sun watches
everyone's hopeless wandering
Imperfect perfection
mirrors of self-reflection
& some connection
whatever it may be
Leads us somewhere else
searching for lost selves
Somewhere in some other reality
Everything perfection
a reflection of myself
all part of some perfect dream
Wherever it is I go
I know
secrets entrusted to me
So I go with the flow
watching how
a Changeling changes eternity

Those who are wise will shine
like the brightness of the heavens,
those who lead many
to righteousness,
like the stars for ever and ever.

-Daniel 12:3

II. Midnight Chronicles

I knew without knowing
we'd cross again
Love the thorned rose
crowns life its stem
When I saw you alas
the love in your eye
I remembered things
neither of us could deny
or ever forget

Gaze at my eyes
bind this moment in your heart
The twilight is dawning
& I know where we are
Here I go a gypsy storm
trailing a gypsy wind
Only I know where I go & have gone
all the places that I've been

They imprison us...
keeping us pinned down
on our comfortable
spot of self reflection,
they defend us
from the onslaught of the unknown.
Once our chains are cut
we are no longer bound
by the concerns of the daily world.
We are still in the daily world
but we don't belong there anymore.

-Don Juan

III. The Sunwatchers

There are
wondrous secrets
for those who gain
lucidity within their dreams
& for those who might earn
the favor
of angelic beings
Those whose lives are their prayer
where Immortality
rules the night
From celestial realms somewhere
watching humanities plight
out there
eternally bound
The Ancestors wait for fate
& the right moment
to come around
The miracle this moment holds
slowly unfolds
as some prepare to teach
others perfect to ascend
They say beyond the bodies reach
lies the miracle of heaven
that Enlightenment
is nothing else
Than Recognition
of the higher self
such things as Dreaming
require being fully present
to stalk the power
The secret of being
within each moment
every second of every hour
Eternity to experience
who could ask for more
Wondrous is the beauty of this dream
hidden within the stories
of Ancient lore

Lost & Found

I woke up beside her
wet from a fresh dream
She was already awake
eyes glistening

Last night we did ceremony
beginning as the sun sank low
& I took her places
she never knew one could go

Today she woke knowing
she'd never be the same
Though she does not yet understand
exactly what that means

Touches of tender love
crossing worlds to light anew
Sunshine from above
another day of history
we journey through

Naked bodies warmed
by the presence of the sun
She was still thinking about
things she couldn't believe we'd done

Phases I've covered
she's only begun to cross
Though I've found her
she's still lost

She lays beside me
amazed by things I say
Both of us entranced
by love for another day

Sliding behind
sharing in her need
I enter her soul
setting it free

Ananda Shanti

For the sparkle of recognition
illuminating our eyes
The destined moment
that bound our lives
For tender hugs
nights we did share
Hopeless attraction
charming my stare
For the birth of words
impossible dreams
The crossing of our paths
& what that might bring
For the aura of light
that surrounds our souls
The strange incidents leading me
to Jackson Hole
For curious possibilities
chances to explore
Unspoken words hiding
the appeal of something more
For convictions arousing
pangs in the heart
Spring sunshine burrowing
through Winter's dark
For hopeful dreams
time spent on my own
The cold winter silence
the Poems I write alone
For stories I learn
stealing secrets from the wind
Way my heart yearns
for legends I might spin
I bow to creation
for the unfolding of every dream
Thanking you myself
for this moment of my being...

II. Lady Mystery

I beckon you mistress
dancing upon my path
Wonder about what is & was
when we crossed last
Can you tell me listless Princess
why we dream this curious dream
With the whole world approaching darkness
what might the new dawn bring

Sneaking myself into places
strange spaces in between
Keep losing my reality searching
for things I've never seen
Someday the world will know
what the mysteries really mean
Until then I'll just keep traveling
changing with this dream

Reaching your head
w/ the cold & sudden fury
of a divine messenger
Let me tell you about
heartache & the loss
of God
Wandering, wandering
in hopeless night


III. Little Miss Dangerous

I remember very well
tossing hips walking in sway
Just a little enticement
as she came & walked away
Little did I know
companionship I would feel
Though I had to go
I knew that it was real

Sunset Eyes
a Sapphire dream
a lingering enticing glow
She & I ended up doing things
they'll never even know
With slow hesitation
she drifted then shied away
the fires of temptation
fingered her though
burning her eyes that day

Somewhere out there
in this dream of space
That angels soul
still craves to taste
between she & me
intrigued by some mystique
As one who knows the magic also
she wants to take the leap

Soul friction
the vibration of two suns
trying to become one
Sexual kinetics
ecstasy in gentle haste
Two souls tripping the edge
drawn to inner space

IV. Silent Symphony

She lays before me
back arched
wings spread open wide
Beckoning me eagerly
taunting me to come inside

I bid her welcome
secrets she wants to give
Touching her with my soul
in moments we have to live

Momentarily bound
a dream we burn to mind
One soul tasting another
bodies passionately entwined

Blessed are we creators
seekers of circumstance
Wrapped in dreams of freedom
willing to take a chance

Lovers of sexual magick
creators of intent
crafting light
The force of alignment
two souls have it
destiny proves again to fate it right

Spirit marks encounters true
can one deny the soul
Oneness in each lover
in each other
embracing the whole

Destined souls do I meet
marked by this event
Shine of recognition
proof of Spirit's intent

V. Dreamlover

Morning spawns
a delicate day
I think of her
as I travel away
Separated from me
a distance of two moons
I dream of her
late in the afternoon
Waiting to cross
her circle again
Eager into the purple sky I send
prayers from a curious heart
So again we might meet
in realms of sleep
even though we are apart

Summer Roses
like morphine dreams
are visions that come & go
Slipping away
just out of reach
telling us things we'd never know
Wake up sleepy lover
I might just be there
An answer to your wishes
a fulfillment to your prayer
You wonder, always why
I utter these cryptic things
Yet you know I am he
who speaks for the Everything
& I tell you now
with the Creator
as witness to what I say
In this world there are
a hundred million paths
but they all lead to the same place

& I know you know
can't fight what you feel
In this moment
with but a touch
I will steal
The breath of air
that now enters your lungs
Creating music with our passion
a new song
to be sung

get ready for the Night
the rumors on waking
a gradual feeling of
learning and remembering

imagine a heaven in the
would one member be missing?


VI. Gypsy

Wandering Poet
saunters away
Visualizing something
that leads him astray
Maybe he should not reveal
the secrets somethings mean
But he has no choice
than to dream his lonely dream
Reach for the stars
bent on drifting away
Wandering afar
always wandering astray

Fate always decides
what is it that must be done
Another day exploring
the 3rd stone of the sun
One more dream
one more breath
One more lifetime he has left
One more scene
one more death
Another lifetime
another test

Decisions she did not make at all
visions she denies she saw
thinking they'd leave her alone
Sleepless nights
dreams she fights
confirming what she knows
The mysterious night
promises light
all things are set to unfold
This particular night
feels just right
to let it all just go
& the more she fights
the more he might
disappear into the unknown...

to speak truly
if not

about lost things
in lost places
with lost words
in a lost song

and somehow
bring it to be