2nd Introduction

The whole world suffers & is full of suffering. Some people are born with afflictions others acquire disability through disease or transgression. No matter what form the trial takes on, the fact is, in this life we are forced to endure pain & tribulation. Though it seems some people suffer more & are forced to endure more it is only the form of the suffering that is different. The pain, hurt, frustration, the longing to heal, these remain constant & are emotions every human being must face & work through. It is these trials which shape & mold our lives, building our character. It is our experience of misfortune which makes & breaks our faith, testing our belief in something larger, greater. Sometimes we must be brought to our knees so that we might stand upon new feet, sometimes we are stricken blind so that we may truly see, & sometimes it takes tragedy for us to realize the full miracle of our being.

After being injured or stricken down it is so easy to wallow in self pity, misery, wondering why me Lord. It is precisely this question which we must come to terms with. So easy is it to lose faith, hope for a life of happiness. For what is a life unpleasant & a burden to endure, no life at all but a slow, painful death. It is in these times alone, hurting, calling for death that we must realize, these are the crosses we must bear, the pain we must drink to prove to ourselves that we are worthy of heavenly grace. Just as Jesus took on the transgressions of the world, so are we individually called to suffer. We are forced to bear our own crosses for the sake of our souls. We must in some way dignify ourselves as spiritual beings & glorify ourselves as children of the Exalted One. We must in our doubt, find our faith, and strengthen our spirits. Our souls are taught, conditioned by this temporal world but we must not lose sight of what lies beyond, the rewards ahead. In this way we see that it is truly a blessing to endure & a miracle just to be. For we have been given the time & space to
come closer to the Lord. For what is one life in the face of Eternity, one chapter in the immortal journey of a soul. We have been granted the necessary time to ready ourselves for whatever is to come. For most people are lost in their roles, in the pleasures of this plane to really invest in the salvation of their souls. We are granted freedom by our conditions, forced to suffer, taught by our experiences to wish for something more, pray for something better. We are forced by our conditions to seek for answers we may never have sought, wisdom we may never have known before. I don't claim to understand all things or hope to know the answers to all questions but to know enough to have peace within that is all that matters.

We all have a call to know the Father, to seek something higher, follow an innate desire to understand. Not many heed this desire, having become so wrapped up with their lives & their selves that they never take time to seek something more. & who can blame the people of this world with so many constraints placed upon them by society & their very need just to survive, they have not even the time to rest or to dream. But we the afflicted, the silent praying are tempted by the masks of our fate to reach for something more, something most ignore. & as we all have some innate desire to know God so do we also have an innate knowingness about the Harvest, Revelation, Baktun 13. We know that everything that happens, happens for a reason, & all things are to remind us of our need to know Him, His grace, His forgiveness, His omnipotence & Eternal Presence. Praise to the Father of us all that He might smile on us with His love & forgiving mercy, that He might redeem the burdens of our souls. May I never question my path but accept it as it is & Glorify The Great Spirit who has planned it all.

This life is our test to prove who we are within the boundaries of our own limitations. Those of us stricken paralyzed especially quadriplegics, carrying what has to be one of the hardest crosses to bear, must relate our grievances & support our pains to keep faith in our spirits & hope in our minds. This way we ready ourselves for salvation, prepare our souls for heaven, & remind each other of our reasons for being. In hopes that we all remember that which we must never forget, pray for that which we need, & find the joy present within the blessing of each moment, until next time. -Namaste

June 1995
9 months after injury