What to do when the sun sets on your life? How to respond in the face of uncompromising change? 15 months ago hitch-hiking to a show in California, the van that picked up a friend & I, lost its brakes, & sideways we plunged 85 feet over a high mountain cliff. Breaking my neck on impact, aware of my condition- shaken I fell to unconsciousness. Thus began my immersion into the darkest spaces of my life, to face the greatest questions of my being. Left stranded to make sense of my condition, my fate questioning truths already found; Uncertain was I, as to whether I'd be able to handle the strangeness of the situation I now found myself in. Great effort to bear this role, I find solace knowing my place & path within this world. A struggle to adapt, searching hard my faith- I've returned to that center which brings me peace in any situation. Would rather be found & in my wheeled chair than lost & walking around. No greater gift than to be awaken within the midst, understanding first hand the struggle of others. This book represents experiences & answers found while seeking out the myriad possibilities of our existence here in this remarkable dream; my firsthand account of the joys of traveling in Spring & Summer freedom, following the Grateful Dead, & spending Winters snowboarding nature's paradise of Jackson Hole. It was in seeking something other than the usual that I came across the words within these pages. They capture the essence of my spiritual struggle & culminate in my inception into the strange world of life with a disability. Just as the day must yield to night, so must the moon spin full to new, the year pass from spring to winter, life from good to bad & back again. Though there is darkness innate within the Creation, all things are formed of light. My grandmother's passing first prompted the title but having become one who also has tasted death it now represents so much more. So once again as my words are my passion, my power I give them to you with love.

-O Mitakye Asin