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A Different Way of Being - A Collection of Poems

Zen Garcia



Chapter 1 - Wounded Limbs

Strange Day
Thinking Chinese
For Mom and Dad
Wounded Limbs
Waiting Room Families
Condescending Façade
Crippled Saints
A Different Way of Being
Challenged Existence

Chapter 2 - Reclaiming Self

Further Faster
Gifted Tongue
Unbridled Passion
The Book Of Tours
Muse Lead
Faded Years
Between Two Worlds
The New Dawn
Dusting Off The Savior
Disability Nights by Gabriella
Enchanted Evening
Somersaulting Tomorrows by Gabriella
Natural Mystic
New Love
The Matrix

Chapter 3 - The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People
II. Frank and Victor
III. Gathering Of The Tribes
IV. Aftermath
V. Marriot Marquis
What The Hell Are You Staring At
Pugilist Response
Slaving the Grind
Faulty Appraisal
The Angel Sun
II. A 1000 Fairies Dance Upon The Lake
III. Night And Her Purple Legion
Ode for Winifred Jones - Age 38

Chapter 4 - Can't Find My Way Home

Kings Owning All Pleasure
Artistic Endeavor
Beg Of No Tomorrow
Shannanda Moonspiral
Voice Of Inspiration
Cathedral Grove
Not All Are Forsaken
Thoughts Upon Waking
Lake Vista, Warner Robbins, Georgia
Not Dead Yet
Think For Yourself Tour-Winter 1997 DC
II. Bust on Bilirakis
III. Concluding Requiem
IV. Shakedown at the CBO

Chapter 5 - Forever Moments

The Concrete Jungle
For Zeyla Now 7 Months Broken
Boxed Paradise
The Contingent
Internet World
Silk Embrace
The Significance Of Babel
This Way to Paradise
The Reluctant Father
Enchanted Twilight
Last Rose Of Summer

Chapter 6 - We Shall Overcome

Forced Meditation
Crown of the Babylon
Star Streak
Vagabond Scribe
Suburban Centaur
Star Child
New Dawn Morning Rising
Beautiful Freak
Confident Living
Silence Most Never Contend
Laid Up

Chapter 7 - Enduring Tragedy

Muse Of Broken Wing
Wheeler Dude
Deja-Vu Disability
Evolving Relations
Daily Word August 19, 1997
For Gaia
Christmas Charity
Saint of Circumstance
Enduring Tragedy
For Them That Might Understand
So Many Roads

Chapter 8 - Endeavor Freedom

St. Louis, Missouri - NGA
Masters Of Creation
Glance on Time
Renewed Beginnings
Grand Casino Hotel
Fade to Black
Momentary Zen
Morning Sanctuary
S.A.D - Social Anxiety Disorder
Irreconcilable Differences
Paradise Kingdom
Visual Inspiration

Chapter 9 - Reality Check

Final Incarnation
Mystic Fantasia
The Great Centering
Companion Verses
Thought-Filled Intending
Reality Check
Athens Regional Hospital-Great Beyond
Near Parting
Borrowed Time
The Mute Genius
Net Worth

Chapter 10 - The World Stands Still

4:30 a.m. 9/11/2001- The Policeman's Wife
The World Stands Still
II. Horizon Jewels
III. Assisting America
Sunlight and CNN
The Soft Parade Continues
The New America
NFL Post 9/11
San Francisco - Dreams Of Home
II. Speaking The Unspoken
III. Unlawful Assembly

Chapter 11 - Bahamas Journal

Austin, Texas - Summer Nationals
Aimless Blue Sky
Paradise Isle
Glitter Stars Casting Night
Chosen Hero Role
Lightning That Thunders Storm
Clouds Obscuring Sun
I Have Come In Defense Of My Mother
The Days Between
Rhyme Flow
Wherever I May Roam
Acquainting New Story
For Minna
The Bloodline Restored
New Year Confidant
And So It Is
The Rising Possibility Of A Forever Moment
Babylon and Beyond