The Ghosts of 9-11 by Zen Garcia

Sept. 11th, 2005

Four years ago, 3023 of our fellow citizens lost their lives in what was to be one of the most devastating atrocities to ever take place on American soil. Tatyana, my attendant woke me up and flipped me to my backside before she left for school. I turned on the news to watch the opening of the market when a friend instant messaged me and said the North Tower in New York had been struck by a Boeing 757. I thought it must have been an accident that surely some pilot or computer malfunction made the flight veer off course and unfortunately ram into the World Trade Tower. I changed the channel to CNN when out of nowhere another airliner entered screen and disappeared into the corner of the South Tower, exiting the other side in a massive fireball. For the rest of that day week month, I found myself glued to coverage of ensuing events; flipping from news source to news source seeking as much information as was available through mainstream news, supplementing the rest with the alternative media. I had access to a local New York ABC affiliate WIXT, through satellite TV and was able to watch events largely as New Yorker's saw them for themselves.

It was a real window into the horror that the city and our nation was forced to deal with. I personally did not know anyone who died during the events of those days, but as an American, I empathized with their struggle. The whole world did. People everywhere were incredibly moved by a want to help the people who were and would be suffering for years to come. Nobody ever imagined that some force powerful enough to pull this off, would hate Americans so much as to contemplate inflicting such carnage upon the citizenry of this country. It is one thing to be at war and seek to achieve strategic victories against a military foe. It is quite another for someone to envision and purposely intend harm against innocent civilians.

It's now 4 years later and honoring the anniversary of the attacks, I present the story of William Rodriguez, a janitorial foreman responsible for the clean up and maintenance of stairwells in World Trade Center 1, the North Tower. Rodriguez had worked his first day in the towers, exactly twenty years to the day of the attacks of September 11th, 2001. He had also survived the bombing in '93.

On that tragic morning Rodriguez found himself running 30 minutes behind for work. He called his boss, who told him to get there as soon as he could. Because he was late, he would have to go to an office in sub-basement 1 to clock in. At least 14 other people were in the office when suddenly a massive explosion occurred beneath their feet. "Seconds after the first massive explosion below in the basement, I hear another explosion from way above. Although I was unaware at the time, this was the airplane hitting the tower, it occurred moments after the first explosion."

A co-worker Felipe David stormed into the basement office with severe burns, skin hanging from his face, hands, and arms; screaming "explosion! explosion! explosion!" David had been standing in front of a freight elevator close to the office when fire followed the elevator shaft up and leapt upon him causing terrible burns. "That day I was in the basement in sub-level 1 sometime after 8:30am. Everything happened so fast, everything moved so fast. The building started shaking after I heard the explosion below, dust was flying everywhere and all of a sudden it got real hot. I threw myself onto the floor, covered my face because I felt like I was burned. I sat there for a couple of seconds on the floor and felt like I was going to die, saying to myself 'God, please give me strength,'" released David in a 2002 interview.

Had he not been late Rodriguez would have been at the top of the North Tower beginning his normal routine having breakfast with friends at the Windows of the World, a cafe at the pinnacle of the building. "It was a miracle. If I arrived on time, like always, I'd probably be dead. I would have been up at the top floors like every morning," said Rodriguez in an interview with Greg Szymanski of The American Free Press.

Rodriguez, who knew the complex very, very well, escorted David to an ambulance outside the underground facilities and then returned to show others the way out. Once he returned he found Salvatore Giambanco and another unidentified man stuck in a basement elevator. Rodriguez managed to pry open the elevator, enter the shaft, and call out to the men below, who yelled back they ere at risk of drowning - thigh high in run-off from the sprinkler systems. Rodriguez returned to the parking garage where he was able to commandeer a long extension ladder. He then maneuvered himself and the ladder into the darkened shaft of the elevator to lower the ladder down to Giambanco and the unidentified man.

Rodriguez then lead these two men to safety, and was then ordered by police not to return to the North Tower. Being in charge of only one of five master keys for WTC 1, he felt his return vital in assisting emergency crews especially fire fighters in accessing the various parts of the building they would need to go to save lives some of which may be his friends. So he rushed past police heading again into the towering inferno. Once he located fire crews, he lead them upwards unlocking doors, they had been hacking through.

As they made their way up the stairwell to the 33rd floor, Rodriguez heard a series of small explosions going off between the 20th and 30th floors. Once they reached the 39th floor fire fighters told him that he must turn back because he was not an emergency worker and was endangering his own safety. The crew leader ordered him to make his descent to the 27th floor and to do what he could for a female quadriplegic they had passed on their way up. After that as soon as possible he was to get himself out of the building. As he started downward Rodriguez heard explosions from the South Tower not realizing that it had collapsed. Once he reached the 27th floor, he found an emergency crew with gurney trying to assist the woman. He helped them carry her out of the building, leaving her with an available ambulance. Shortly thereafter the North Tower began to collapse.

Had he been in the South Tower he would surely have died, although the South Tower was the 2nd building hit, it was the first to collapse 56 minutes after being struck by flight 175. At 10:28, 1 hour and 42 minutes after being struck by flight 11, the North Tower collapsed in 'demolition' uniformity at breakneck speed giving Rodriguez only time enough to dive under a fire truck. Rodriguez only hoped the truck would be strong enough to protect him from being crushed by falling debris. He survived the collapse and was later dug out by the fire crews that also survived the collapsing towers.

Rodriguez lost two hundred of his closest friends and associates on that day. He was labeled a hero by all that had encountered him and did numerous interviews with the many different news agencies, domestically and abroad. NBC spent a full day at his house taping his comments. Thinking his testimony important to enable investigators to uncover more details about the crime, he presented his story to all who would listen. He even testified before the 9-11 commission oddly enough behind closed doors. Eventually, years passed, Rodriguez never saw his tale aired on the mainstream news in America, beyond just a few second sound bites. He wasn't seeking fame and fortune, but he did have questions which to him were never fully explained like "How could a jetliner hit 90 floors above and burn a man's arms and face to a crisp in the basement below within seconds of impact?"

It soon became apparent to Rodriguez that the reason his story had not aired was because it did not corroborate the official story. The official story says that nineteen mostly Saudi terrorists, were lucky and clever enough to simultaneously hijack four flights and fly them into various targets; outwitting our trillion dollar local, state, and federal intelligence agencies. The 14 eye-witnesses that were with William on sub-basement 1 and those Rodriguez saved question the official story that jet fuel super heated steel and brought down those buildings when never in the history of fire, has any steel structured building lost structural integrity from fire alone especially in less than 1 hour as in the case of the South Tower.

Even if the official story that burning jet fuel was responsible for the toppling of the Twin Towers, it cannot explain how World Trade Center 7 collapsed when neither plane nor building had damaged it. It had only 2 very small isolated pockets of fire in it and yet at 5:20 p.m., this 48 story building folded perfectly in on itself. Nobody has yet addressed the huge explosion that occurred right before the first plane hits as confirmed by Jose Sanchez, who worked 14 years for the American Building Maintenance Co. at the WTC. He confirmed details of a basement bomb-like explosion while Rodriguez and two CNN interns, Carolina Inojosa and Evita Zerebrinsky, interviewed victims and documented information for many people having trouble getting needed government assistance after 9/11.

In the 2002 taped statement, Sanchez recalls, "It sounded like a bomb and the lights went on and off. We started to walk to the exit and a huge ball of fire went through the freight elevator. The hot air from the ball of fire dropped Chino to the floor and my hair got burned. I said 'Chino, let's go we gotta get out of here.' But Chino was wounded and told me he needed help. I remember him saying that the hot air came with such force that it broke his leg. We finally went out through another exit and his leg and knee were both broken." Sanchez helped Chino to a parking lot where Chino was driven to help.

Seismographs at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, N.Y., 21 miles north of the WTC, recorded seismic activity on Sept. 11 which substantiates the stories of Rodriguez and the others. While no noticeable seismic activity could be found related to the impact at the Pentagon, the Palisades seismic record shows that two unexplained spikes more than 20 times the amplitude of the other seismic waves associated with the collapses, occurred in the East-West seismic recording as the buildings began to fall. Experts cannot explain why the seismic waves peaked before the towers actually hit the ground. The strongest jolts were all registered at the beginning of the collapses, well before the falling debris struck the Earth.

Bill Manning, editor of Fire Engineering, a 125-year-old-monthly firefighting trade magazine with ties to the New York City Fire Department, wrote in an editor's opinion piece in the January 2002 issue called "$elling Out the Investigation", "Fire Engineering has good reason to believe that the 'official investigation' blessed by FEMA and run by the American Society of Civil Engineers is a half-baked farce that may already have been commandeered by political forces whose primary interests, to put it mildly, lie far afield of full disclosure." He also called for an immediate stop to the removal of steel from the site of ground zero saying the steel from the site should be preserved as a crime scene so that investigators can examine what caused the collapse and pass that knowledge on to future generations of engineers. The editorial continues, "A growing number of fire protection engineers have theorized that 'the structural damage from the planes and the explosive ignition of jet fuel in themselves were not enough to bring down the towers," the editorial stated.

Szymanski says of Rodriguez, "His eyewitness account, backed up by at least 14 people at the scene with him, isn't speculation or conjecture. It isn't a story that takes a network out on a journalistic limb. It's a story that can be backed up, a story that can be verified with hospital records and testimony from many others. It's a story about 14 people who felt and heard the same explosion and even saw Rodriguez, moments after the airplane hit, take David to safety, after he was burnt so bad from the basement explosion flesh was hanging from his face and both arms."

Rodriguez continues to work to educate the American public and will go on a speaking tour sometime soon throughout the United States. He says that he has been told many times to keep quiet. Rodriguez claims he should have died on that fateful day, but was spared and because he was spared, he says he must speak for the 200 friends who lost their voice and their lives on that fateful day.


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