Tony Boatright, Dominic Ottaviano, and I started Endeavor Freedom, a Georgia based 501 c-3 nonprofit, a year and a half ago with the idea of supporting quality of life issues for people with disabilities. As we were coming up with a mission statement and which way to focus the non-profit, I knew that alternatives to institutions was a key area of focus for me, but I didn't just want to help people transition into their own homes, I wanted to inspire people to dreams and activities outside of their homes which would enable fun and self-discovery.

We wanted to create a way for people to be supported in their pursuit of sports, music, art, etc. especially encouraging new people to take up interest where they might lack funds but not desire. So Endeavor Freedom drew its mission statement from hope to help people get back into community but also be involved with it. Tony and I were already involved with the American Wheelchair Fencing Team here in Atlanta, so we wanted to promote our sport and encourage its growth and future success.

We also have a vested interest in scuba as Dom is a dive master and Tony and active diver of many years. Though those are two avenues which we wanted Endeavor Freedom to focus us on, we left room in the by-laws and articles of incorporation for other sports and other activities.

We are are now compiling names and assessing the needs of the disability populace to define where people need and for what. If you are in lack of anything or are having trouble accessing some technology or equipment to enhance life or give one access to sport or community, send an email to Dominic or I and we will do what we can to assist in whatever way we or Endeavor Freedom can. If it is something I feel another established Georgia non-profit would be better able to assist you in then I will guide you to that resource.

Once we have you in our database and what your needs are, we will help as funding is generated and more avenues of it accessed. Should one find interest in wheelchair fencing or need anything at all please allow us to know by emailing or Dominic Ottaviano at We will do what we can to help in any way encourage participants interest in these events or any that inspire one to give access to music, sport, entertainment, advocacy, or quality of life improvement in any way.